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Yii framework is relatively newer phenomenon in world of PHP MVC programming. Authors of framework have ensured to address plethora of issues existing in other frameworks, and that makes it the PHP framework of choice for modern applications.

Qtriangle is one of the very few highly mature Yii development companies in India. When given a choice, we utilize Yii framework to develop an application. Our experts have many years of experience developing Yii applications.

Yii framework provides many advantages to your PHP application, and we utilize unique features of Yii framework to realize its full potential, such as listed below:


Security is one of the most important aspects to consider for a good application. As a Yii development company, we have developed our own modules to plug additional security in order to prevent security risks such as SQL injection, data encryption and others.

Modern Architecture

There are many advantages that come in-built with Yii framework that aid in developing modern applications out of the box. One such example is support for Ajax. Yii framework has in-built support for Ajax, and it is very easy to develop business flows using Ajax actions. That being said, it is implied that any Yii development company must have good experience in designing a solid application architecture, to realize fill capabilities of the underlying framework.


It is very easy to extend the source code of a Yii framework application. Yii framework provides very clean MVS architecture that ensures we can make changes very quickly when it comes to customization or adding new functionality. In addition to this, our coders and developers have very rich MVC experience that helps us to create flexible and extendible applications.


Most of the frameworks have a lot of features but they sacrifice application access speed while adding features into the framework. Yii framework is a pleasant exception in this sense. It has reasonably good list of features, yet it is one of the fastest PHP frameworks available today. On top of it, Yii framework supports memcache, XCache, APC and other caching techniques, further adding to the execution speed of the framework.

Qtriangle Expertise

Qtriangle has proven expertise in PHP coding services. We are one of the very rare Yii development companies in India who have adopted Yii framework from its very early days. This experience helps us to provide innovative features in every new Yii application that we develop.

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