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Freebird’s Strength in WordPress Design & Development Services

When you think about the best Content Management System (CMS), you do not find anything more useful than WordPress. This award-winning open source system has shown a remarkable growth in a short time.

At FreeBird, we have a fleet of experts who can utilize the features and functionalities of WordPress in the best manner so that you are offered a whole spectrum of website development choices. Whether you are a small startup unit or a big corporate house, our services are great for all. Our aim is to boost your business and take it up to the higher planes using our WordPress Development services.

Our Strength in WordPress Website Development Services

FreeBird is a company that believes in high standards of quality. Our designers, developers, and analysts carry rich experience in the field of WordPress Development. We can build unique themes, plugins, and CMS systems as per your required specifications. Whether you call us for web development or maintenance, the service quality is matchless.

Our Strength in WordPress Website Design Services

We as a team of designers better know that the look and feel of the webpage are more important than the actual backend development. We put our great efforts to make the WordPress website look clean and optimized as much it can.

The team strives hard to extract the best output by exploring WordPress functionality up to the maximum extent.

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Our Service Bouquet

We bring the complete spectrum of WordPress development services:

  • WordPress Web Design, hosting, and support
  • Customized WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • WordPress for Mobile-friendly websites
  • WordPress google page speed optimization


Our service excellence

FreeBird is preferred by clients because it stands apart with highly reliable services.

  • We build cost-effective solutions for the whole spectrum of businesses.
  • We focus on only one thing which is paramount for us, i.e., client satisfaction
  • Our coding quality is the best in the class
  • A rich experience in the niche
  • We have flexible engagement models to suit all types of clients
  • We build systems with secure source code
  • The team believes in responding fast
  • Stringent TAT
  • Total quality assurance
  • Minimum downtime

When is your website an instant hit?

When you assign the responsibility of WordPress development to FreeBird!

Yes, with three distinct benefits that we offer, it is guaranteed that you get the maximum attention to your website.

Superior coding standards

Our aim is to use coding standards that not only make the website effective but also make it useful from an SEO perspective. With coding structures that go with the SEO guidelines seamlessly, we achieve good performance and web page rating both. Since your aim is to see the website on the first page of the search engine result, we make it possible for you.

The perfect customization

Our coders use the best possible customization of the open-source CMS. Since we have a specialization in developing websites, the result is always beyond expectation. The unmatched excellence and splendid insight towards WordPress development of FreeBird result in a website that charms every user.

Lightweight website with responsive themes

Our websites are lightweight and easy to load.  We try to incorporate the latest trends and responsive themes so that viewing the website is a delightful experience for everyone. Whether you browse on a handheld device or big screen, the performance is always superior.