Progressive Web App Development

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Progressive Web Apps or PWA is the latest entrant in the world of app development. Though the concept is relatively new, it is rapidly capturing the bandwidth, and very soon it will be the frontrunner. At FreeBird we realize the importance of it and offer excellent quality development services to our clients. The best quality mobile-first applications offered by us help our clients in achieving the first-mover benefit.

Let the users interact with your brand using apps developed by FreeBird

Progressive Web Apps are progressive in several ways. They let the users come to your brand, product, or service instead of you approaching the audience. It is a paradigm shift indeed. At FreeBird, we help the clients with smart and swift progressive mobile apps that are adaptive across devices and 100% connectivity independent applications. Don’t let the configuration and screen size of the handheld device become hurdles in reaching customers.

Today, clients are facing the challenge of dragging the users to app stores to browse through the apps and download. Even if a sizeable audience knows about the app, the viewer-to-buyer conversion rate is still quite low.

When we develop a sleek PWA for you, users can install the app from the website directly. There is no need to depend on web stores. Since the apps have the capability of blending across devices seamlessly, they are highly user-friendly and adaptive.

Our apps are lightweight and resource-friendly. Contrary to conventional apps, they can support a wide variety of devices regardless of the form factor. With the use of SWT (Service Worker Technology), we bring excellent efficiency in background updates. Offline compatibility makes progressive apps greatly usable.

Incredible benefits of PWA by FreeBird

When you assign the task of developing a smart and lightweight Progressive Web Application, rest assured that the best team is managing your project. Our fleet of PWA developers carries a sound experience and understanding of app development. Our apps bring several benefits:

  • Responsive and quickly deployable apps
  • Excellent user experience
  • Apps can be downloaded regardless of the specifications of devices, operating systems, or browsers. Thus they bring unlimited applicability.
  • App connectivity even when the connectivity is low or shaky. The apps developed by us are admired for their high reliability.
  • We believe in developing user-friendly apps that work uninterruptedly without any loss of speed. The aim is to bring highly interactive and engaging products that grab the maximum attention of users.
  • Our apps are optimized so that they are visible and discoverable easily. Also, they bridge the gap between the brand and the users by sending push messages at regular intervals. It keeps the interest alive.
  • When clients look for apps that are safe and installable, they seek our services because FreeBird carries the reputation of developing secure applications. We use HTTPS protocol to make the apps the best and the safest in the class.

When world-class Progressive Web Application Development is needed, FreeBird is the one-stop solution for all!

PWA Demo

We are going to demonstrate the demo PWA app that we have build where you can have 2 aspects of the desktop application as well as the mobile application. You can check the online demo here!.

This app is being built with the concept of the progressive web app that will work for the desktop and with little modifications for the mobile app to ass into the play store to iTunes.

Steps to Use the demo

1. Click on the link here! in the chrome browser of your mobile
2. Then click on the right top icon of your browser you will see the option “Add to Home Screen”. 3. Now click on it you will see an icon on the home page of your mobile.
4. Click on this icon, it will open the page like a mobile app.
5. We can also publish this as a mobile app for Android and iPhone