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Things to remember for online retailers while getting mobile apps developed

This is an era of mobile devices and with this the mobile marketing and mobile apps are on rise. Importantly, the multichannel stores are taking great advantage of this. Why not, as stats reveal consumers spend 15 hours a week in the US researching products on their handy devices and 93 percent of these really makes purchases.

Retailers have three basic strategies to employ one of such apps for their online business and those are discussed below.

Choosing a solid backend for eCommerce mobile application

Have you decided to design a mobile app for selling your stuff through smartphones? If yes, then one of the critical decisions to take is to choose the right backend software, a shopping cart. This is because the software you choose shall be the foundation of the app and shall not likely be replaced in the future.

Most business owners have the misconception that one has to invest thousands of dollars in buying the right shopping cart. However, this is no longer required because of the plenty of open source software packages available for carts.