Cloud and CDN Solutions

Cloud hosting is useful in scenarios where you want to have flexibility in resource usage, and want to be billed accordingly. Cloud hosting solutions are also more reliable as they have better fail over mechanisms in place compared to usual hosting services.[/fullwidth]

Qtriangle has been providing Cloud hosting services to our customers since many years. Apart from our own Cloud based hosting environment, we also have great expertise in managing third party cloud services like Amazon, Azure, Rackspace and Google cloud services.

Cloud hosting provides following advantages over regular hosting service:

  • Pay-as-you-go model to save cost if you are not using more resources.
  • Flexibility of choosing geographic location
  • Option to have automatic geo-redundancy and replication
  • Seamless expansion on click of a button

Amazon is the leading provider of Cloud hosting services and it is recommended, since it provides many options or the hosting not available elsewhere. Google has also launched Cloud plans at better pricing, and they are also adding new features everyday to catch up with Amazon.

Apart from cloud services, we also provide CDN solutions to enterprises. CDN helps to serve the content from nearest server, based on location of the user.

When you use CDN for your website, you have to configure DNS records, SSL and many other entities to ensure website runs without problems.

We manage third party CDN also like

  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Amazon Cloudfront CDN
  • Max CDN
  • Akamai CDN

CDN proves useful when you don’t want to spend on a high-end server still want to achieve better latency and speed for your website.

Do you want to increase your website’s loading time and want a more reliable server for your websites? Contact us today to know how you can achieve it quickly at reasonable cost and great reliability.